Nadine Helm

Nadine Helm


I stumbled upon NVC in 2004. I will never forget how baffled I was reading Marshall’s book. It felt like coming home.

Almost immediately NVC helped me to build a bridge between my heart and the heart of others, overcome separation and gave rise to compassion. It enabled me to access and live the love I carry in my heart, that was buried by bitterness, anger, frustration and powerlessness.

Since 2006 Robert Gonzales has been my main teacher. I have done his 2-year course 3 times (participating once, assisting twice). He taught me to deeply be with my/others pain and to apply the powerful and concrete tool NVC offers to help transform the hardened knot of suffering into the vibrant living energy of life.
Holding a compassionate space for (self-) connection, empowerment, clarity, mutual care and healing is the most meaningful thing to me – I am honored to be offered a chance to share NVC through connecting2life with a team of wonderful colleagues.