Couple Sessions & Mediations

Couple Sessions & Mediations

With Yoram Mosenzon. In person, by phone or by skype

Peace, connection, cooperation…We all dream about it. But, let’s face it, it is not that easy… We have misunderstandings, hurt and tensions rise, fights ensue and even drawn-out and painful conflicts with people around us, sometimes with the ones we love most.

It’s exhausting and it’s so sad when the gulf between us opened afresh.

So what can we do when we are angry, disappointed, hurt or distrustful?

What can we do to start melting the ice cube again?

How can we re-improve the communication between us?

Conflict is but a cry for connection! So why suffer? Let’s meet.

Couple session & Mediations is:

To honestly express and be fully heard.

To hear each other’s layers of authenticity and re-connect.

It is to learn and embody new communication skills and embody it into your daily life.

And it is to find new ways that bring ease, cooperation, natural care and love again.

During these sessions, we will look into specific challenging communication situations, recognize the existing dynamics that are blocking the natural flow of cooperation and compassion, and we will look into what we can do different to bring back the flow and care for everyone’s needs.


❀  When there are 2 people involved:

For a first session of 3 hours, I am asking on a scale between €270-€540 (choice is depending on income and free will). Or: a choice between €90-€180 an hour.

A session is including 30m-45m with each separately, and about 1.5 hours together.

After a first session, we will evaluate together the length and the costs of future sessions.

❀❀   When there are more than 2 people involved:

We can dialogue to figure out the most serving structure.