The Healing Power of Mourning

A day workshop in 'Nonviolent Communication (NVC)'

The Healing Power of Mourning

Transforming your pain after loss and change

Sunday 30 August, 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With CNVC trainer: Yoram Mosenzon

With Mirjam Schulpen and Cara Crisler

Sunday 30 August 2020 11:00 – 17:00, Amsterdam (exact location will be announced soon)

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Most of us know loss, sadness, grief and yet very few of us have ever learned how to mourn. We learn to put our pain to the side and continue on with life. As if everything is “normal” when it is all but that. We hide our tears for ourselves and others. We do not learn that unpleasant emotions and pain have a very important role in our lives.

In this workshop you are welcome as you are . . . with everything that lives in you. A few practices and themes that we will address:

Discover the wisdom and meaning of emotional pain and how emotions can serve as a helpful compass for daily life
How to create the support that really helps when you mourn, in times of great and small sorrow
The difference between pain and suffering
How celebrating and mourning are interconnected
How to use NVC to deal with your loss or change in your life
How you can support others with little or big mourning

This workshop is for you if you enjoy learning and practicing together in a small, interactive and safe group with two experienced trainers. Next to our personal experience with mourning, our years supporting others to be with and benefit from their emotions gives us great satisfaction and pleasure. We look forward to giving you inspiration and practical tools that you can apply every day.

There are no requirements for prior NVC training.

The trainers:

The training will be given by Cara Crisler and Mirjam Schulpen who have been passionately giving the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Connecting With Children courses for the past several years. If you would like to know more about the trainers, please visit: Cara and Mirjam.


to be determined (a live gathering in Amsterdam, with 1.5 meter distancing)


Sunday 30 August 2020 11:00 – 17:00


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