Wendel Zwaal

Wendel Zwaal


My Nonviolent Communication journey took off in January 2017 when I attended Yoram Mosenzon’s Basic NVC Course.

I experience NVC as the compass I always longed for after many years of feeling lost, disconnected and depressed. After being orphaned at birth in South Korea, being adopted to the Netherlands, the divorce of my parents, emigration of my father and passing away of my mother all before reaching adulthood, I had taught myself to focus on other people’s needs and to avoid conflict, clueless of my own needs in this world.

NVC supports me to navigate life with compassion and empathy to connect with myself and others, to be with what is.

In rapid succession I attended more courses and within a few months a seed was planted that embodying, learning more about and sharing NVC with others would be something I would love to do for the rest of my life. This seed has not only sprouted but also come to bloom by joining the wonderful team of Connecting2Life Trainers. I also offer private sessions and mediations in English and Dutch.

I’m a mother of two small human beings. They are my inspiration to contribute to building a compassionate world, beyond right and wrong.