Mirjam Schulpen

Mirjam Schulpen


As a trainer, coach and mediator I help people navigate their lives through moments of mourning and celebration.

I have worked with groups and individuals for over 20 years. I love to share what has helped me navigate my own experiences of loss, change, illness, violence, stigma, divorce and co-parenting. I am deeply inspired by NVC and mindfulness.

NVC helps me to speak from the heart with myself, my children and other people around me. It enables me to see and heal my pain and to be more loving towards myself and others. It is a concrete, practical tool I use every day of my ‘life long learning’. It helps me to see that I always have a choice, no matter how hard it is what I am going through.

Teaching the ‘Basic and Intermediate Course’ (in Dutch!) and the ‘Connecting with Children Course’ and giving sessions to individuals, couples, families, teams is completely aligned with my passion for creating connection, compassion and peace in this world. My dream is that human tears and pain are just as welcome as laughter. I truly enjoy sharing the language of NVC that opens the human heart!