Floortje Vermeiden

Floortje Vermeiden


My quest for communicating in a connecting way started in 2002, when my son was born.

I found it not easy to connect with him. I got introduced to Thomas Gordons’ ‘listening to children’, but it was NVC that had a huge impact on me: in how I listen to life, to myself, to others; in how I express myself and in how I perceive the world. It offered me the language I was looking for all those years. The paradigm shift that came with my discovery brought back in me the joy to live after years of burn-out and depression. And it has done ever since.

NVC adds such depth in connection with others, that I am full of wonder. Sharing NVC is a way for me deepen my practice and keep on nourishing the curiosity in me. Since 2015 I have done many courses with Yoram, including the Year Course and Mediation Year Course. I also assisted courses and workshops with Yoram and Oriane.

I am also passionate about yoga. NVC opens a door to integrating my yoga practice deeper into my body, finding a language that gives words describing my experience. And it’s my NVC-practice that gives me tools to bring yoga into life.