Cara Crisler

Cara Crisler


I am passionate about creating safe spaces for honest sharing, connecting and learning.

In my early 40’s I underwent a process of discovering what I really want, as opposed to mostly being in tune with the needs of others and avoiding conflict. More than anything I wanted to learn how to be authentic, or true to myself while staying in connection with important people in my life.

During that time I was fortunate to be introduced to NVC, which gave me a model for compassionate, connecting communication. I now apply NVC in all of my relationships: as a partner, mother, friend, colleague and perhaps the most important one of all, the one I have with myself.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to spread NVC through empathy sessions, coaching (accredited at senior level by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council), mediation and teaching. I live with my Dutch husband and our two teenage children in Haarlem, where I work (as well as in Amsterdam) supporting individuals, couples and organizational teams with their wellbeing, collaboration and communication goals.

Languages: English, Dutch